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A Beautiful Mind

The human mind is a beautiful thing, complex beyond understanding and intricate beyond imagination. The mind, a part of our soul, is a gift from God to each of us, created to be used as an instrument for His glory. Yet a wrong approach to our mental capacity can hinder this aspect of our service to Him.

On one extreme we can attribute too much authority to the human intellect and overestimate its powers. Thomas of Aquinas (1225 – 1274), a great admirer of Greek philosopher Aristotle, taught that the mind was not fallen (he incorrectly believed only the will was affected by the fall). Ever since, the outworking of this train of thought can traced through Church history. Sometimes human intellectual understanding has been placed above the authority of the Word of God, with disastrous consequences. But our little minds, when compared to God’s boundless wisdom, are only infinitesimal. Has He not said ‘my thoughts are higher than yours’ (Isaiah 55:8)? Did He not set Job in his place after he dared to challenge the wisdom of the Almighty (Job 38-41)? Yet many have rejected God’s wisdom in favour of man`s limited understanding and thus missed out on His blessing.

On the other side, many believers seem to ignore the responsibility to serve the LORD their God will all their mind as He has commanded us. Sometimes the people of God can try to be so ‘super spiritual’ that they deny their humanity! As it is, He has given us minds and He expects us to use them! The Lord wants us to use all of our gifts and talents for His glory, this includes the mind. As with any part of our being, it needs to be exercised, nurtured, fed, grown and developed to be strong and healthy. Additionally, our minds may be in need of God’s healing!

As we endeavour to present ourselves as servant of God I want to encourage us all to consider our ways and take a look at the attitude we have had in regard to this. Have we perhaps relied too much on our mental faculties, or even made an idol out of our intellect? Or, on the other hand, have we failed to serve God with our all of our mind and not pursued the wholesome intellectual growth (which includes cleansing and healing) He intended? His will is that we use our minds in submission to His Word and under the direction of His Holy Spirit. May today be a new day where we bring Him joy by surrendering and presenting ourselves to our Lord and Saviour in a new way.

Prayer: Dear Father God, I thank You for creating me the way You did and for giving me a wonderful mind. Help me to serve You with my mind in the way You intended. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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He answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”; and, “Love your neighbor as yourself”’.
Luke 10:27, NIV


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Peter Brokaar Dutch-born Peter Brokaar joined the Ellel Scotland team in 2005 together with his American wife Liz and now serves as Centre Director. Together they have 3 young children, all born on Scottish soil! He loves seeing God transform every part of the lives of men and women as they re-connect with their Creator God. In his free time he likes to jog, read, cook, eat and get outdoors!

Peter Brokaar

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